2016 Priority Legislation

SB 1289 (LARA) FOR-PROFIT IMMIGRATION DETENTION FACILITIES: This bill prohibits private, for profit companies from operating immigration detention facilities in California and requires all other detention facilities to comply with federal guidelines which mandate the protection of detainee rights.


AB 1550 (GOMEZ) CAP & TRADE FUNDS: Targeting Climate Investments in Disadvantaged Communities & Low Income Households: This bill requires a minimum of twenty five percent of proceeds from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to be invested in projects that are located directly within disadvantaged communities.  It also requires an additional twenty five percent of the proceeds to fund projects that benefit low income households.


AB 1676 (CAMPOS) GENDER PAY EQUITY: This bill seeks to address pay inequity between men and women by prohibiting employers from requesting a job candidate’s salary history and by requiring that employers provide job applicants with a salary range for the position sought.


AB 1721 (MEDINA) HIGHER EDUCATION: CAL GRANT PROGRAM EXPANSION:  This bill seeks to enhance college access by increasing the number of competitive Cal Grant awards, expanding the amount of funds available to Cal Grant B awardees, and raising the age of eligibility.


AB 2016 (ALEJO) ETHNIC STUDIES IMPLEMENTATION: This bill requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to oversee the development of, and the State Board of Education to adopt, a model curriculum ensuring quality courses in ethnic studies. Following the adoption of the model curriculum school districts that do not otherwise offer a standards-based ethnic studies curriculum, shall offer, as an elective in the social sciences, a course of study in ethnic studies for students in grades 9-12.


AB 2408 (EGGMAN) CAP & TRADE FUNDS: Maximizing Multibenefits to Low-Income Households and Disadvantaged Communities: This bill authorizes the allocation of moneys from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (Fund) to maximize the delivery of integrated greenhouse gas reduction projects for households in low-income and disadvantaged communities. The bill also requires state agencies and departments administering grants from the Fund to update program guidelines in order to promote the coordination of proposals implementing a regional and neighborhood approach.


AB 1066 (GONZALEZ) OVERTIME FOR AGRICULTURAL WORKERS: This bill seeks to allow agricultural workers to receive overtime pay for work performed beyond a normal eight hour workday.  The current overtime exemption for such workers would be phased in over a four year period. (Previously listed as AB 2757).