2017 Priority Legislation

SB 6 (HUESO) DUE PROCESS FOR ALL – This bill creates a state program that provides legal counsel to immigrants in deportation and/or removal proceedings.

SB 54 (DE LEÓN) CALIFORNIA VALUES ACT – This bill ensures that state and local resources are not used for immigration enforcement purposes and limits such enforcement activities at schools, health facilities and courthouses.

SB 68 (LARA) AB 540 MODERNIZATION: COMMUNITY COLLEGE CREDIT – This bill expands eligibility criteria for students applying for in-state tuition at a UC or CSU campus under AB 540.

SB 244 (LARA) PRIVACY PROTECTION ACT – This bill prohibits the disclosure of any records containing personal information that was collected or obtained by state and local agencies for the administration of public programs.

SB 494 (HUESO) GOLDEN STATE READING GUARANTEE – This bill requires the State Board of Education to design, in collaboration with teachers, parents and reading specialists, individualized reading plans for young students identified as struggling readers.

AB 19 (SANTIAGO) CA COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROMISE PROGRAM – This bill provides tuition free education for one academic year at any CA Community College for all first-time, full-time students.

AB 60 (SANTIAGO) STATEWIDE CHILD CARE ELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES – This bill updates child care eligibility guidelines in order to allow more children from working families to qualify for services.

AB 82 (MEDINA) DIACRITICAL MARKS ON VITAL RECORDS – This bill allows for the use of diacritical marks, such as accents, umlauts and tildes, on vital records.

AB 162 (CERVANTES) CA COMPETES TAX CREDIT PROGRAM – This bill expands the CA Competes Tax Credit Program by redefining “small business” to include businesses having 50 or fewer full time employees in the current and two preceding tax years.

AB 206 (GONZALEZ FLETCHER) DAY LABORERS WORKERS COMPENSATION – This bill provides workers’ compensation coverage for day laborers who are injured on the job.

AB 208 (EGGMAN) DEFERRED ENTRY OF JUDGMENT: PRE-TRIAL DIVERSION – This bill allows for pre-trial diversion instead of deferred entry of judgment in cases involving minor drug offenses.

AB 222 (BOCANEGRA) IMMIGRATION: FALSE DOCUMENTS – This bill provides that the use of a false document to conceal one’s country of origin or immigration status shall be treated as a “wobbler” offense to allow for prosecutorial discretion.

AB 273 (AGUIAR-CURRY) SUBSIDIZED CHILD CARE ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA – This bill clarifies that English as a Second Language and High School Equivalency classes are acceptable types of training courses for families seeking to qualify for certain child care programs.

AB 299 (CALDERON) IMMIGRATION HOUSING DATA COLLECTION – This bill bars public entities from compelling rental property owners and managers to compile information or take any action, including the denial of accommodations, based on the immigration or citizenship status of a tenant or prospective tenant.

AB 386 (GONZALEZ FLETCHER) DEPORTED VETERANS – This bill provides legal representation for military veterans who have been deported out of the country but have since experienced a change in legal circumstances such as a pardon of their underlying deportable offense.

AB 453 (LIMÓN) STUDENT ANTI-HUNGER PROGRAM – This bill establishes standards and creates incentives to encourage a statewide expansion of student meal sharing programs.

AB 577 (CABALLERO) DISADVANTAGED COMMUNITIES – This bill expands the definition of “disadvantaged communities” to include areas where the annual per capita income does not meet the current threshold of 80% of statewide annual median household income.

AB 952 (REYES) BILINGUAL EDUCATOR PREPARATION – This bill creates a bilingual teacher professional development program to increase the number of teachers qualified to provide bilingual instruction.

AB 1037 (LIMÓN) DREAMERS WORK-STUDY PROGRAM – This bill establishes a state run work-study program for AB 540 students who are ineligible for Federal Work Study programs.

AB 1665 (E. GARCIA) INTERNET FOR ALL NOW ACT OF 2017 – This bill increases the deployment of broadband infrastructure in underserved and disadvantaged communities through an expansion of the California Advanced Services Fund.