2018 Priority Legislation

SB 946 (Lara) SAFE SIDEWALK VENDING ACT: This bill allows local authorities to adopt a sidewalk licensing program in order to adequately enforce sidewalk vending violations.

SB 974 (Lara) HEALTH4ALL ADULTS: This bill provides Medi-Cal bene‑ ts to undocumented adults with an income at or below 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL).

SB 1108 (Hernandez) PROTECTING ACCESS TO MEDI­-CAL COVERAGE: This bill protects access to Medi-Cal coverage by prohibiting demonstration projects or waivers that implement work requirements, waiting periods and/or time limits.

SB 1155 (Hueso) LANGUAGE ACCESSIBILITY IN COURTS: This bill improves access to justice by expanding language access/interpreter services in small claims court proceedings.

AB 1037 (Limón) CA DREAMER SERVICE INCENTIVE GRANT PROGRAM: This bill allows eligible student “Dreamers,” who qualify under the AB 540 criteria and are pursuing higher education, to access service incentive grants to address unmet financial aid needs.

AB 1786 (Cervantes) ARTICULATION AGREEMENTS FOR CALIFORNIA VETERANS: This bill establishes an articulation platform for the California Community Colleges to facilitate the transition of recent veterans to institutions of higher education.

AB1862 (Santiago & Carrillo) FUNDING FOR TPS IMMIGRATION SERVICES: This bill appropriates $10 million to the California Department of Social Services to provide legal assistance to individuals affected by the termination of federal Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

AB 1877 (Limón) EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION TRANSLATION: This bill ensures that emergency communications from State and County Offices of Emergency Services (OES) are made available in the languages most commonly spoken within each county impacted by a disaster.

AB 1885 (E. Garcia) CA RESIDENT WORKER PROGRAM & ECONOMIC STABILIZATION ACT: This bill creates a working group to determine the best ways to implement and operate a California resident worker program.

AB 1942 (Santiago) EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT: This bill revises the CA 540 Tax Form to allow taxpayers to claim the California Earned Income Tax Credit.

AB 2015 (Reyes) ASSISTING STUDENTS WITH FAFSA AND DREAM ACT APPLICATIONS: This bill requires schools to provide assistance on the completion of student financial aid applications within each economics course offered to students in grades 9-12.

AB 2079 (Gonzalez Fletcher) SEXUAL HARASSMENT PREVENTION FOR JANITORIAL WORKERS: This bill empowers janitorial service workers to take collective action and use peer counseling to change the culture of harassment and fear in the janitorial industry.

AB 2372 (Gloria) CALIFORNIA’S SUSTAINABLE AND AFFORDABLE (CASA)HOUSING ACT: This bill incentivizes the production of affordable workforce and low income housing along transit priority corridors by amending development standards through a new statewide opt-in program.

AB 2477 (Rubio & Low) DREAM RESOURCE LIAISONS: This bill requires public high schools and post-secondary institutions to have a designated staff person, known as the Dream Resource Liaison, to support undocumented and AB 540 students.

AB 2514 (Thurmond) GRANT PROGRAM FOR DUAL LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: ­This bill establishes a three-year program that will award annual grants to school districts so they can establish or expand dual language immersion or developmental programs for English Learners.

AB 2597 (Arambula) PROGRAMS IN MEDICAL EDUCATION: This bill extends funding for Programs in Medical Education (PRIME) for three years starting in FY 2018-19 in order to address the shortage of California’s primary care workforce.

AB 2772 (Medina) ETHNIC STUDIES: This bill requires all schools to offer an ethnic studies course to students in grades 9-12 beginning in the 2021-22 school year.

AB 2885 (Rodriguez) ZERO EMISSION VEHICLES REBATES IN DISADVANTAGED COMMUNITIES: This bill amends the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project to expand prioritization to consumers who live in disadvantaged communities.

AB 2887 (Aguiar-Curry) FARMWORKER HOUSING CENTERS: This bill increases flexibility at state-run farmworker housing centers to allow for more local decision making by county operating agencies.

AB 2965 (Arambula) HEALTH4ALL ADULTS: This bill provides Medi-Cal bene‑ ts to undocumented adults with an income at or below 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL).

AB 3022 (Gonzalez Fletcher) RETROACTIVE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS FOR DEPORTED PUPILS: This bill allows local educational agencies to grant a high school graduation diploma to a student that is deported – voluntarily or otherwise – during their senior year in high school.