2019 Priority Legislation

AB 2 (Santiago) Two Years Free Community College:  This bill expands the CA College Promise to provide a second year of free tuition for students attending a California Community College.


AB 16 (L. Rivas) Statewide Homeless Coordinators & Local Technical Assistance Centers: This bill addresses the growing homeless crisis for families with children by increasing the number of homeless coordinators and establishing new centers that provide regional support services. 


AB 49 (Cervantes) CA Voter Protection Act of 2019: This bill strengthens the vote-by-mail process utilized by a growing majority of Californians by requiring county registrars to finish sending all vote-by-mail ballots within five days of the existing threshold of 29 days before Election Day. 


AB 217 (E. Garcia) Safe Drinking Water for All Act: This bill establishes a trust fund to provide all Californians with clean, safe and affordable drinking water.


AB 331 (Medina) Ethnic Studies: This bill requires, starting in the 2024-25 school year, the completion of an ethnic studies course to meet high school graduation requirements.


AB 378 (Limón) Building a Better Early Care and Education Act: This bill further professionalizes the child care workforce by increasing training opportunities for workers and granting them the right to collectively bargain.


AB 539 (Limón) Fair Access to Credit Act of 2019: This bill expands access to credit and affordable capital by limiting interest rates on certain consumer loans.


AB 1307 (Rubio) College Opportunity Act – Cal Grant Expansion Program: This bill establishes a formula for determining the maximum Cal Grant award for students attending private, nonprofit colleges and universities. 


AB 1666 (Gómez Reyes) 2020 Census – Providing Information at Schools: This bill, in order to enhance confidence in the 2020 Census and increase participation rates, requires state officials to provide census information to students and parents at school.


AB 1747 (Gonzalez) Protecting Californians’ Right to Privacy – DMV Driver’s Licenses: This bill enhances privacy protections for Californians by prohibiting state law enforcement agencies from making certain databases available for immigration enforcement purposes.


AB 1759 (Salas) Increasing Health Care Workforce in Underserved Communities: This bill appropriates $50 million in state funding to support programs that grow the health care workforce in areas facing severe shortages, particularly underserved, rural and ethnically/linguistically diverse communities.


AB 1783 (R. Rivas) Farmworker Housing – Streamlining the Development Process: This bill addresses the severe shortage of quality and affordable housing for farmworkers by creating a streamlined process for farm owners and operators to develop new employee housing on their property. 


SB 29 (Durazo) Health For All Adults – Access to Medi-Cal for the Undocumented: This bill expands access to quality medical care by extending full scope Medi-Cal benefits to undocumented adults, who would otherwise be eligible but for their immigration status.


SB 456 (Archuleta) Privacy Protection for Faith Based Organization Volunteers: This bill enhances privacy protections by prohibiting faith-based organizations from divulging volunteer information to third parties, including federal immigration officials, without a subpoena, warrant or order.


SB 594 (Rubio) English Language Learner Roadmap Initiative: This bill creates new state partnerships and implements instructional programs that develop bilingual/biliterate proficiency and close the gap in academic achievement for students who are English language learners.