CA Latino Legislative Caucus Policy Priorities

September 17, 2013

With 25 members, from both the State Senate and Assembly, the California Latino Legislative Caucus has 40 years of rich history of empowering Latinos throughout California. They work to identify, promote and advocate on behalf of the professional, educational, social, political and cultural interest of the Latino Community.

To meet the needs of Latinos throughout California, the Caucus has identified Education, Health Care, Immigration, and Economic Development as its top policy priorities.

Over 3 million Latino students are enrolled in our public schools and they make up 52% of the student population. The Latino Caucus supports reform proposals that ensure more equitable distribution of state funding for public schools and greater accountability, transparency and local control.

Approximately 57% of the State’s uninsured health coverage-eligible population is Latino. The Latino Caucus supports the continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of Medi-Cal and will ensure the community is informed about all of its health care options.

In California there is an estimated 3 million undocumented residents who work hard and look for legal clarity. The Latino Caucus is tirelessly promoting federal comprehensive immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship and has established a Task Force to advocate for reform and facilitate its implementation in our state.

The Latino Caucus is committed to expanding economic opportunities statewide through the development of policies and programs that promote international trade and create new jobs – particularly sustainable green jobs.

The California Latino Legislative Caucus will continue to work hard to promote legislation and policies that have a direct and meaningful impact on Latinos; increase diversity in state government; fight for equal treatment under the law for all; educate the Latino community on key issues impacting them; and encourage more Latinos to engage in the political process.