Member Directory

Below you will find the full roster of Latino Caucus membership with a link to each Member's official website. 


Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez (80th AD)
Chair, California Latino Legislative Caucus
Chair, Assembly Appropriations Committee

Senator María Elena Durazo (24th SD)
Vice Chair, California Latino Legislative Caucus
Assistant Majority Whip of the Senate
Chair, Budget Subcommittee #4 on State Administration and General Government


Senator Bob Archuleta (32nd SD)
Chair, Senate Veterans Affairs Committee

Senator Anna Caballero (12th SD)

Senator Lena Gonzalez (33rd SD)


Senator Ben Hueso (40th SD)
Chair, Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee


Senator Melissa Hurtado (14th SD)
Chair, Senate Human Services Committee

Senator Susan Rubio (22nd SD)
Chair, Senate Insurance Committee


Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (4th AD)
Chair, Assembly Local Government Committee

Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula (31st AD)


Assembly Member Ian Calderon (57th AD)
Assembly Majority Floor Leader
Chair, California Technology & Innovative Caucus

Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo (51st AD)

Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantes (60th AD)
Chair, Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Committee

Assembly Member Susan Talamantes Eggman (13th AD)
Chair, Assembly Agriculture Committee

Assembly Member Cristina Garcia (58th AD)
Chair, Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies 

Member Eduardo Garcia

Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia (56th AD)
Chair, Assembly Water, Parks, & Wildlife Committee

Assembly Member Todd Gloria (78th AD)
Assembly Majority Whip

Assembly Member Monique Limón (37th AD)
Chair, Assembly Banking & Finance Committee
Vice Chair, Legislative Women's Caucus

Assembly Member Jose Medina (61st AD)
Chair, Assembly Higher Education Committee

Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva (65th AD)

Assembly Member James C. Ramos (40th AD)

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (63rd AD)

Assembly Member Eloise Gómez Reyes (47th AD)
Chair, Assembly Human Services Committee
Chair, Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1 - Health & Human Services

Assembly Member Luz M. Rivas (39th AD)
Chair, Assembly Special Committee on Legislative Ethics

Assembly Member Robert Rivas (30th AD)
Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez (52nd AD)
Chair, Public Employment & Retirement Committee


Assembly Member Blanca E. Rubio (48th AD)

Assembly Member Rudy Salas (32nd AD)
Chair, Joint Legislative Audit Comittee

Member Miguel Santiago

Assembly Member Miguel Santiago (53rd AD)
Chair, Assembly Communications & Conveyance Committee