Gubernatorial Appointments

The Caucus is committed to recruit, encourage and empower Latinos and Latinas to apply and be appointed to key positions in our state government, including our judicial branch.  The Caucus’ appointments process is geared towards providing the Governor with recommendations of superb and qualified Latino candidates for various positions throughout the state. 

Given the importance of having a diverse state workforce, we encourage you to visit the Governor’s website to identify positions in State Government that interest you.

In order to be considered for Latino Caucus support for any appointment to state boards and commissions, please fill out the Appointment Request - Contact Information Form and submit a copy of the requested information.

If you have any questions regarding the appointments support process, please do not hesitate to contact Armando Chavez at (916) 651-1535.



Where can I get information on how to pursue a gubernatorial appointment? 
The Governor’s official website has a page specifically dedicated to the appointments process.  This page can be found at  On that page you will find an online application, a authorization/release form, and a listing of all positions to which the Governor makes appointments. 

How can the Latino Caucus assist me in pursuing an appointment?
The Latino Caucus encourages all individuals committed to public service to pursue an appointment.  Interested parties should visit the Governor’s dedicated webpage for details on the application process.  Once you have identified the position to which you are seeking an appointment please return to our website and print out a copy of our Contact Information Form.  Once we have received a completed Contact Information Form along with all requested documents the Caucus will begin the review process.  Upon completion of that review process the Caucus may provide a letter of support which can assist you in securing a desired appointment.  Please do not wait for a letter of support before submitting your application to the Governor’s office. 

What does the review process entail?
The review process is intended to identify the most qualified individuals applying for appointments.  Through a detailed analysis of all submitted documents as well as those available in the public domain, Caucus staff will seek to determine whether each applicant has the necessary experience to warrant a letter of support.  In certain cases staff will request an applicant to submit additional documents and/or take part in an interview.  All applicants will be notified when final action has been taken by the Caucus. 

How long does the review process take? 
Though no definitive time line can be provided, Caucus staff seeks to complete the review process within 30 days.

What can a letter of support do for me?
A letter of support from the Latino Caucus may bolster your chances of securing an appointment.  Indeed, such a letter communicates to interested third parties the strong support you have within the Legislature and the Latino community.  Additionally, recipients of support letters may receive logistical assistance during the appointment and confirmation process. 

Does a letter of support come with any restrictions? 
Yes.  A support letter only entitles a recipient to list the California Latino Legislative Caucus as a supporter.  The recipient may not list caucus members individually.  Also, a support letter may only be used for the position originally sought by the applicant.  If the position sought changes then the applicant will need to request another letter.