Policy Priorities


Expand investment in our education system to ensure California’s students once again have access to world class teachers, textbooks, facilities and support services.

Create, implement and promote programs that address the achievement gap for all students in our education system.

Protect access to reliable and affordable higher education for thousands of students by promoting Cal Grant Funding.

Fight to repeal or amend past State initiatives that continue to limit educational opportunities and college access for students of color.

Promote efforts to increase student and faculty diversity at all institutions of higher learning.


Defend California values by protecting the due process and privacy rights of all Californians, irrespective of status, and support programs that provide counsel for those subject to unlawful detainments and warrantless searches and seizures.

Expand naturalization services to provide education, outreach and application assistance for lawful permanent residents and individuals eligible for administrative relief or naturalization.

Promote Federal comprehensive reform legislation that provides a pathway to citizenship for undocumented residents.

Health Care:

Support the Affordable Care Act, Medi-Cal and all other programs that increase the number of Californians with access to affordable health care.

Collaborate with Covered California and other providers to improve health care enrollment rates within the Latino community.

Economic Development:

Engage the business and legal communities to promote efforts that enhance workforce diversity.

Promulgate proven economic development tools that enable planners to capture locally generated revenue to rehabilitate and revitalize blighted communities.

Increase investment in workforce development programs, including reentry programs for the formally incarcerated, to ensure all Californians, regardless of background, can contribute positively to the state’s economic growth.

Enhance opportunities for woman and minority owned businesses, including increased state procurement opportunities and enriched access to investment growth capital, to ensure economic growth is more equitably distributed across the state.


Promote efforts to increase the availability of affordable housing (including housing for farm workers) throughout California.


Ensure state energy policy is balanced and inclusive of the diverse economic and social disparities that exist in California, including the need to diversify the location and mix of resources procured by the state.

Enhance energy initiatives by learning from past experiences and incorporating best practices to enable regulators to more effectively balance clean energy needs with business and job growth opportunities.

Broaden support for energy initiatives by engaging honestly with business, labor, and agricultural advocates to develop policy that is inclusive of a wide-array of needs and experiences.

Promote legislation that prioritizes Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund investments for low income and disadvantaged communities.

Civic Engagement:

Advocate for voting rights to ensure fair voting elections and strengthen the California Voting Rights Act.

Encourage 2.5 million lawful permanent residents in CA to become U.S. Citizens.


Support the expansion and timely implementation of safe and affordable drinking water programs, particularly for disadvantaged communities.

Improve water supply and water resources throughout California to ensure the economic vitality of both rural and urban regions.

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