CA Latino Caucus Chair Issues Statement on ICE Raids Across Southern California

February 10, 2017

SACRAMENTO, CA — California State Senator and Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) released the following statement in response to the raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement across Southern California:

"In light of the recent raids in our communities across the state it is important that we are aware of our due process,” Sen. Hueso said. "The new Administration’s efforts have clearly demonstrated complete abandonment of rational public policy that limited such immigration enforcement actions to those persons who posed a serious risk to public safety. In these troubling times, I ask that we stand united with our entire immigrant families and continue to push for policies that will protect our communities from this type of callous disregard for due process and decency.” 

Hueso added, “The Trump Administration is once again demonstrating irresponsible reckless actions which will only cause fear and divisiveness within our communities and disrupt our state's economic progress. As Chair of the Latino Caucus, I will continue to push for the passage of Senate Bill 6, which will provide legal counsel to our neighbors who are facing deportation and support other policies that embrace our state's diversity and enhance our economic and public safety interests.”


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