CA Latino Legislative Caucus Unveils 2017 Priority Legislation

April 05, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, Chair and Vice Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, today announced the Latino Caucus’ 2017 policy priorities and priority legislation.

“The needs, desires and priorities of Latinos mirror those of all Californians,” said Senator Hueso. “They want excellent schools, clean air and water, safe streets, quality health care, and good paying jobs.  Plain and simple, they want what everyone else wants – an equal opportunity to succeed and realize the American Dream.”

“Unfortunately, for Latinos those desires are, sadly, still a far off dream,” Hueso added. “Indeed, the statistical picture of Latinos in California is not as promising as we would hope. Our state cannot continue to grow and maintain its economic prominence unless we educate, employ and keep healthy the fastest growing sector of our workforce. To address these pressing issues, this year we have identified twenty bills as legislative priorities and we have updated our policy priorities.”

“Our legislative priorities reinforce our belief that helping Latinos in California will undoubtedly end up helping all Californians,” added Assemblywoman Gonzalez Fletcher. “The Latino Caucus is committed to shaping our state’s public policy agenda for the betterment of everyone in our communities across the state.”

Members voted to declare the following twenty bills as the Latino Caucus’ 2017 priority legislation:

  • SB 6 (Hueso) Due Process for All
  • SB 54 (De León) California Values Act
  • SB 68 (Lara) AB 540 Modernization – Community College Credit
  • SB 244 (Lara) Privacy Protection Act
  • SB 494 (Hueso) Golden State Reading Guarantee
  • AB 19 (Santiago) CA Community College Promise Program
  • AB 60 (Santiago & Gonzalez Fletcher) Statewide Child Care Eligibility Guidelines
  • AB 82 (Medina) Diacritical Marks on Vital Records
  • AB 162 (Cervantes) CA Competes Tax Credit Program
  • AB 206 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Day Laborers Workers Compensation
  • AB 208 (Eggman) Deferred Entry of Judgment: Pretrial Diversion
  • AB 222 (Bocanegra) Immigration: False Documents
  • AB 273 (Aguiar-Curry) Subsidized Child Care Eligibility Criteria
  • AB 299 (Calderon) Immigration Housing Data Collection
  • AB 386 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Deported Veterans
  • AB 453 (Limón) Student Anti-Hunger Program
  • AB 577 (Caballero) Disadvantaged Communities
  • AB 952 (Reyes) Bilingual Educator Preparation
  • AB 1037 (Limón) Dreamers Work-Study Program
  • AB 1665 (E. Garcia & Aguiar-Curry) Internet For All Now Act of 2017


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