April 04, 2018

SACRAMENTO –Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, Chair and Vice Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, today announced the Latino Caucus’ 2018 policy priorities and priority legislation.


“This year, more than ever, we are fighting hard to ensure all Californians have an opportunity to thrive and succeed.” said Senator Hueso. “While Washington DC is playing games with people’s lives and trying to take us backwards, in California we are working to improve educational opportunities, protect hard working and law-abiding immigrants, clean our air and water, increase access to quality health care and good paying jobs, protect our veterans and increase affordable housing. This year we have identified twenty bills as legislative priorities and we have updated our policy priorities to reflect the current state of affairs.”


“Our legislative focus this year is to protect the rights and improve the lives of all Californians and all California communities,” added Assemblywoman Gonzalez Fletcher. “The Latino Caucus is committed to policy priorities that make things better for all of us who live in this great state.”

Members voted to declare the following twenty bills as the Latino Caucus’ 2018 priority legislation:


  • SB 946 (Lara) Safe Sidewalk Vending Act
  • SB 974 (Lara) Health4All Adults
  • SB 1108 (Hernandez) Protecting Access to Medi-Cal Coverage
  • SB 1155 (Hueso) Language Accessibility in Courts
  • AB 1037 (Limón) CA Dreamer Service Incentive Grant Program
  • AB 1786 (Cervantes) Articulation Agreements for California Veterans
  • AB 1862 (Santiago & Carrillo) Funding for TPS Immigration Services
  • AB 1877 (Limón) Emergency Communication Translation
  • AB 1885 (E. Garcia) CA Resident Worker Program & Economic Stabilization Act
  • AB 1942 (Santiago) Earned Income Tax Credit
  • AB 2015 (Reyes) Assisting Students with FAFSA and Dream Act Applications
  • AB 2079 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Sexual Harassment Prevention for Janitorial Workers
  • AB 2372 (Gloria) CA’s Sustainable and Affordable (CASA) Housing Act
  • AB 2477 (Rubio & Low) Dream Resource Liaisons
  • AB 2514 (Thurmond) Grant Program for Dual Language Instruction
  • AB 2597 (Arambula) Programs in Medical Education (PRIME)
  • AB 2772 (Medina) Ethnic Studies
  • AB 2885 (Rodriguez) Zero Emission Vehicles Rebates in Disadvantaged Communities
  • AB 2887 (Aguiar-Curry) Farmworker Housing Centers
  • AB 3022 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Retroactive High School Diplomas for Deported Pupils