California Latino Caucus Chair Senator Durazo Responds to Appointment of Justice Patricia Guerrero to CA Supreme Court, First Latina to Be Appointed

February 15, 2022

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - In response to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s appointment of Justice Patricia Guerrero to the California State Supreme Court, the first Latina to be appointed to the state’s highest court, California Latino Legislative Caucus Chair Senator María Elena Durazo issued the following statement:


“Today California makes history. Congratulations to Justice Patricia Guerrero, who not only has extraordinary qualifications for the job, but will also be the first Latina in our state's history to serve on the California Supreme Court.


“Latinas make up nearly 20 percent of California's population, but we are underrepresented in nearly every industry, including the California Judiciary. When Latinas are absent from this critical branch of government, our experiences and perspectives are excluded, and this ripples throughout our communities in so many other ways. Access to justice will be better served for all Californians.


“We are very proud of the nomination of Justice Patricia Guerrero. Thank you Governor Newsom for this fantastic selection.”





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