Latino Caucus Submits Amicus Brief to Supreme Court in Support of Qualified Undocumented Law School Graduate

July 23, 2012

SACRAMENTO – The California Latino Legislative Caucus has submitted an amicus brief to the California Supreme Court in support of Sergio Garcia’s admission to the State Bar of California. The California Supreme Court, along with its counterparts in Florida and New York, are reviewing requests from qualified undocumented law school graduates who are vying for the opportunity to practice law.  Earlier this month, the State Bar informed the Supreme Court that   Mr. Garcia met all the necessary requirements for admission to the State Bar and that he, and others like him, should be granted admission. The State Bar is awaiting direction from the California Supreme Court. The California Supreme Court has yet to decide whether a hearing on Garcia's case will be held before issuing a ruling.

“Any student who has proven their contribution to the public good by earning an education and becoming a productive member of society deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential. Sergio is a qualified candidate who has garnered the full support of the California State Bar, his immigration status should not be the closing chapter of his ability to practice law and share his expertise with the public,” said Assembly Member Ricardo Lara, Chairman of the California Latino Legislative Caucus.  “I am grateful to the Law Offices of Morrison & Foerster, LLP for providing the legal support that made it possible for the Latino Legislative Caucus to submit the Amicus Brief to the California Supreme Court. Their expertise will ensure that our voice in support of Mr. Garcia’s admission to the State Bar is fully heard .”

The amicus brief focuses on providing evidence of the state’s legislative and policy support of undocumented individuals as it relates to the admission of  Sergio C. Garcia to the State Bar of California.  The California Latino Legislative Caucus fully supports the State Bar’s pending motion for admission to the State Bar of California and urges the Supreme Court of California to grant the motion.

“Qualified undocumented students and graduates should be granted a law license so that they can become future leaders in the legal profession.  As legislators, we should continue to embrace policies that embrace  productive young people, who have contributed to our state and country,” said Assembly Member Luis Alejo (D-Salinas).