Statement of Latino Legislative Caucus Chair Sen. Ricardo Lara on the Legacy of Civil Rights and Labor Leader Cesar Chavez

March 29, 2013

SACRAMENTO - Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Long Beach) released the following statement in honor of the late civil rights, labor leader and the founder of the United Farm Workers (UFW), Cesar Chavez:

“Nearly twenty years after his death, Cesar Chavez’s legacy continues to inspire communities in search of justice. This weekend he would have celebrated his 86th birthday. Even though he is no longer present, his legacy is well and alive.

As the Latino population continues to grow and becomes an increasingly integral part of our state and our nation, our leadership, priorities and focus must reflect the changing and diverse face of our state and country.

We are at a critical point in history, where our majority population will be knowledgeable and sensitive to issues of disenfranchisement and disempowerment as related to race in America and we must use this influence to create positive change.

As communities we have had the opportunity to benefit from the sacrifices and work of leaders like Cesar Chavez and now it is our turn to continue to build upon this foundation.

We must not forget that each one of our rights comes with the responsibility to advocate for the advancement of future generations. We must continue Cesar Chavez’s fight for living wages and healthy working environments for all Californians.

This fight for justice is a long one, but a necessary and fruitful one.”

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