Latino Caucus Denounces NRA Political Stunt To Recall Latino Legislators

October 24, 2013

SACRAMENTO – In light of news reports that the NRA and other extreme right wing Republican organizations are looking to launch recall efforts against five Latino legislators, Senator Ricardo Lara (D–Huntington Park/ Long Beach), Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, has released the following statement:

"Any organization intent on abusing the recall process for political gain should be ashamed of itself. The shame is even more stark and pronounced when the strategy targets only Latinos. Californians will not stand for any campaign that is clearly racist and devoid of any political or legal legitimacy.

The Latino Caucus is united behind each of our members targeted by this political stunt and we stand ready to defend each vigorously. It is ironic that the far right wing would pursue such a flawed course of action on the heels of such a successful legislative year where the Legislature worked in a bipartisan manner to address various issues of importance such as public safety, immigrant rights, health care reform, and economic development.”


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