All Nine Latino Caucus Priority Bills Advance in the California Legislature

June 04, 2015

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblymember Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) and Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), Chair and Vice Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, announced all nine of the Caucus’ priority bills successfully passed from their Legislative house of origin.

“This year’s Legislative package will fundamentally advance the social and economic vitality of Latinos, and all Californians across our state,” states Caucus Chair, Assemblymember Alejo.  “Earlier this week, members of the Latino Caucus also met with Governor Brown to discuss our budget and legislative priorities. We appreciate the Governor and his staff for meeting with the Caucus and allowing our members the opportunity to discuss our priorities.”

SB 4 (LARA) HEALTH CARE COVERAGE FOR ALL. This bill ensures Californians, regardless of immigration status, have access to affordable health care coverage.

SB 249 (HUESO) CALIFORNIA ENHANCED DRIVER’S LINCENSE. This bill allows for the creation of an Enhanced Driver’s License to reduce border wait times and increase economic gain produced by efficient and secure cross-border travel.

SB 350 (DE LEON) CLEAN ENERGY & POLLUTION REDUCTION ACT OF 2015. This bill seeks to create jobs, grow the state’s economy, and improve public health by raising the renewable portfolio standard, reducing petroleum, and increasing energy efficiency in buildings by the year 2030.

AB 2 (ALEJO) COMMUNITY REVITALIZATION AUTHORITY. This bill creates a new state authority capable of investing property tax increments focused on improving employment opportunities, repairing infrastructure, cleaning up brownfields and promoting affordable housing.

AB 278 (HERNANDEZ) DISTRICT-BASED MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS. This bill seeks to increase civic participation by requiring district-based elections for cities whose population meets or exceeds 100,000 residents.

AB 560 (GOMEZ) CIVIL ACTIONS: IMMIGRATION STATUS. This bill ensures the protection of minor children from having their immigration status exposed or used when seeking civil recourse or recovery for past intentional or negligent acts that cause harm or suffering.

AB 904 (PEREA) CLEAN REUSED VEHICLE REBATE PROJECT. This bill implements a Clean Reused Vehicle Rebate Project, to increase access to clean vehicles by creating a secondary clean vehicle marketplace which is more affordable for all Californians.

AB 1351 (EGGMAN) PRETRIAL DIVERSION FOR MINOR CRIMES. This bill allows for pre-trial diversion, instead of post-plea deferred entry of judgment, for certain nonviolent, misdemeanor offenses.

AB 1461 (GONZALEZ) CALIFORNIA NEW MOTOR VOTER ACT. This bill will register eligible residents to vote when they obtain or renew a driver’s license from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“The success of all nine priority bills represents the hard work and dedication of our Caucus members. This year, the Caucus has put forth some of the state’s most pressing policy issues impacting the Latino community. Our Caucus will continue to champion job creation, access to affordable health care, and advancing California into the 21st Century,” states Vice-Chair, Senator Ben Hueso.

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